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huge spiders

I thought this photo of huge spiders came out pretty well, so I’m making it photo of the week.

This was part of  Penang Butterfly Farm, it’s a nice little place, you can wander around among the glorious tropical butterflies, hold giant millipedes ( we had another drama there, Facebook page followers would know all about that already)  be terrified or enthralled by the large live tarantula collection and check out the museum specimens in the photo.

We enjoyed an hour or so there, but it was expensive, 70MYR for the three of us, about $25 AUD. We have a great butterfly attraction near us in Australia, but if you’ve never been to anything similar, it’s well worth a visit, particularly for the huge spiders! The boys loved it.

(this post is Part of Photo Friday on Delicious Baby)

It’s easy to get there on the 101 bus from Batu Ferringhi, about 10 minutes and under a dollar, but, the 101 doesn’t stop outside to return, you have to walk a while, down to the bus station, we waited for an hour before anybody told us. Typical of the problems that seem to follow us around at the moment, check out Freaking out in Malaysia, if you haven’t already.

Our next stop Thailand, we’re really excited to be going again, hope you stay with us!

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6 thoughts on “Penang Huge Spiders. Photo of the Week.”

  1. You’re going to Thailand?!
    I admire your ability and courage to get up and move when things do not fit your expactation.
    The freedom to decide. Where is not good for you – move on.
    Keep on posting – we are curious to see what next.
    wish you & kids great time in Thailand.

    • We’re in Bangkok now Iris, we love it here, it’s great to be in a place that we know well, we don’t need to rush about ticking off the sites. And of course the food is amazing!

  2. Spiders under glass can be very interesting. Huge spiders (tarantula) above your bed as you wake up is not as interesting. After an earthquake in Costa Rica, we had a few tarantulas take refuge in our house the following day. I know they are not dangerous but still….

  3. Ugh…!! There they are again…eeek!! The stuff of nightmares. 🙂 I’m off to find a pretty picture of a butterfly. Lol =)


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