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Best Travel Coffee Maker

If you adore your coffee, you’ll want to pack the best travel coffee maker for your style of travel or simply to take to the office. I’ve been searching for the perfect portable machine for many years so let’s look at what’s available for we travelling coffee addicts. Whether you’re camping, short term renting, RV travelling or popping one of these compact travel coffee makers in your luggage for overseas trips, there’s something here to keep us all caffeinated away from home.

best travel coffee maker. roast coffee beans
Freshly roast beans, prepared at home. We take our coffee seriously so we need a decent portable travel coffee maker to travel with.

Various styles of travel coffee maker exist from simple portable filters to 1 cup coffee machines and french presses, but prices seem to vary little, expect to pay less than £30, $50, for whatever coffee machine you choose.

The Aerobie AeroPress Go is the current popular buy, we use one, the coffee is great, but there are other alternatives. We mention a good one.

Whichever way you look at it, your travel coffee maker will save you money on buying coffee out and give you greater freedom to explore on your own terms. At the same time it could help you cut your plastic consumption, that’s something we all need to think about.

Add a robust insulated coffee cup to your travel coffee maker, or even a small portable coffee grinder, and you have a big bonus for coffee lovers on the move. These small compact devices are easy to carry and would make great gifts.

The Best Travel Coffee Maker-Our Choice

best travel coffee makers to use at home
At home, in rentals, hotels, tents, RVs and hostels. Travel coffee makers work. You will find the perfect model for your needs. The Aeropress, right, is the traveller’s friend and widely considered to be the best travel coffee maker of its time, but the Kohipress may take that crown. Little pots like our red one make great coffee if you have stove access.

Aeropress is Our Favourite Portable Coffee Maker for Travel

The Aerobie Aeropress Go Portable Coffee Maker for Travel, Office or Camping.

As you can see from the photo above, we use an Aeropress coffee maker. We don’t always carry it, but if we’re staying in one place for a while, maybe a rental or Airbnb, we need it.

You will particularly need a portable coffee machine if you’re travelling in certain parts of Asia where good coffee is hard to find.

The little red metal coffee pot on the left is our “at home” coffee solution. It makes amazing coffee but needs a stovetop. It doesn’t need filters, which is a bonus. One of these could work for you in rentals or hostels or for camping.

The Aeropress is certainly a little lighter and easier to carry although maybe less robust. It can be bought with a travel pouch.

All you need is the coffee, boiling water, filters and a cup. The tiny filters are very portable but still, you need filters.

The Aeropress was absolutely the best travel coffee maker of its time but the Kohipress (cick to see) or Wacaco Mini Espresso Machine ( uses coffee capsules) are strong contenders. All are competitively priced and are nice products.

An Aeropress is quicker than a traditional cafetiere, taking just seconds to produce great coffee. It takes a fair bit of force to depress the plunger, but if you really want that coffee, no worries.

Many say Aeropress makes the best coffee they ever had, I’m not that discerning, but it’s certainly good. You can buy yourself, or your friend, an Aeropress Go here.

Other Options For Making Coffee As You Travel

Below we rounded up some other options for making coffee as you travel, for camping, RV life, at the beach or anywhere you need a compact coffee machine.

The Basics, A Travel Kettle For Instant Coffee or Tea

OK, so this is a little old school, but if you’re fine with instant coffee and your destination lacks a kettle, one of these little travel kettles could be your best friend. Alternatively, one cup water heater elements also do the job. We find that most countries give you a kettle in your hotel room, but when they don’t its an issue.

A more modern version of a plug-in travel coffee maker, a self-contained machine ideal for hotel rooms. Nobody is going to be throwing one of these in their backpack, but if you care more about coffee that travelling light, this could be an answer.

The Kohipress Portable French Press and Insulated Travel Mug

Kohipress Original French Press Coffee Maker and Insulated Stainless Steel Mug in One

This one is a winner, you could travel with it, obviously, or even use it in your office or on your commute. It’s a great looking machine at a reasonable price.

The method is similar to that of the Aeropress, but once plunged, your Kohipress becomes its own insulated travel mug. There is no messing about with metal filters as the Kohipress has its own metal mesh filter.

It claims to be leak-proof. I’m liking this design a lot for. Unfortunately this model can only be found in the US and Canada right now, our link will redirect UK and Europe readers to a similar design, otherwise consider the Bodum travel press mug below.

Bodum Travel Coffee French Press Mug

Bodum are a classy, quality brand and if I was buying or receiving a gift, this would be what I’d go for. These portable coffee press mugs come in multiple colours and look just great!

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Bravel coffee maker. Which one to choose for camping, hotels, rentals or any kind of travel
Best travel coffee maker. Which one to choose?

Espro Travel Press for Coffee (12oz) – Matte Black

This espresso travel press is basically a cafetiere that you can’t break, a genius piece of kit, even to use at home. This probably takes up the least space of the bunch, being just the size of an insulated coffee mug. It’s surprisingly light at 345g, that’s less than the Aeropress.

Melitta Coffee Maker, Single Cup Pour-Over Brewer with Travel Mug, Red (Pack of 2)

Make filter drip coffee straight into your travel mug. The filter cone is BPA free and the travel mug is sturdy stainless steel. Really, with something like this, you’re barely carrying more than an insulated travel coffee mug. I guess a lot of us carry one of those anyway, so why not carry the filter too?

The Original Bialetti Moka Express Made in Italy 1-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker with Patented Valve

This little stove-top pot is the closest I can find to our old red model. These are great because you don’t need filter papers, just coffee and a heat source, be that a campfire, primus stove or hostel kitchen stove.

There are many more travel coffee makers, single-serve machines and pour-over coffee devices on the market, I’m adding to this post all the time as my research turns them up. For us, for now, the best travel coffee maker is our Aeropress, but it’s not the one we use at home, we use the little percolator pot on the hob, or even a simple over-cup Vietnamese coffee maker. We hope you found our round-up on best travel coffee maker for your style of travel useful. In certain countries, for instance Malaysia, India or Sri Lanka, it’s incredibly hard to find a good coffee without pre-added powdered milk and sugar. These little beauties get your day off to a much better start than a glass of water and a paracetamol, which has been my enforced coffee substitute from time to time. Enjoy your coffee!

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Coffee Love

Thursday 26th of December 2019

Hey, Thank you for sharing this. It's really helpful for those who are a traveller as well as coffee lovers.

Richmond Custodio

Saturday 1st of September 2018

I know this is a 2-year-old post but I was searching around for some unique coffee maker designs and ran into this post. I love the idea of french press coffee mugs because it's a really fast and easy way to make a quality cup of coffee. I use to work at Starbucks and I'm a be honest, the coffee we mass produced there, didn't have the rich taste of flavor compared to even a french pressed coffee. I cannot drink coffee unless it was made right. From steaming the milk properly, quing the shots to perfection, and pouring all the content together has to be done right otherwise I just can't enjoy my cup coffee. I got a portable espresso machine and it's okay but it's nowhere near perfect. It's one of those items that get the job done but could be better. Nice post and thanks for the recommendations!

Easy Travel Gear

Tuesday 27th of March 2018

Absolutely nice article. Carry your means to make coffee with you whenever you travel. Actually, I think this would be a better option for me than just carrying a travel coffee mug. Very informative article.

traveling without coffee

Monday 9th of October 2017

The last time I traveled without coffee was awful! Thanks for making this post, coffee is an essential ingredient. I have this bad habit of just buying instant coffee which is again awful but easiest to prepare if you have a travel kettle with you and just heat up the water. Aeropress would be nice as well but it's a bit too big for my travel habits. :)


Sunday 6th of August 2017

Thanks for sharing! I’ve personally tried Aeropress and Minipresso on the road, and they both work great. I’ve also recently discovered that you can make cold brew with an Aeropress! I’d highly recommend checking that out if you’re an iced coffee/cold brew lover (and if you’ll have access to refrigeration during your travels).

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