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Good Friday At Tikal Guatemala

Last Updated 22/09/2020


Wow, what a day, what a place, what a huge amount of learning!

We are in Guatemala for Easter and it just happened that our visit to Tikal, the most incredible site in the Mayan world, fell on Good Friday.

We’ve already experienced the huge build up to Easter in Antigua Guatemala, the biggest Easter Celebrations in the world ( click the link to see more, it was stunning). The big weekend will fall for us on the tiny island of Flores.

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No Easter eggs for my kids, nothing like that here. It’s all about Jesus. Refreshing, but disappointing for kids who still believe in the Easter Bunny.

Instead we went back to Mayan times and explored Tikal. Immense pyramids, dense sub-tropical jungle , amazing wildlife and a slice of history. The Mayans still worship at Tikal, we saw a family making offerings before the main pyramid in the plaza, you can just make out their fire in this photo, down there in front of the offering and alter stones.

When we got back to Flores the Christian celebrations were beginning. The roads were closed, all cars removed and the houses and roads were starting to be decorated for the procession to come. See the photos of the procession here.

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