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The First Day Of Summer

Yesterday was the first day of summer in Australia. It brought wind and rain to Port Douglas, looks a bit stormy doesn’t it?  Our wet season has started, so there is plenty more rain to come . Don’t be fooled into thinking it was cold, the temperatures were up in the thirties and the humidity wrapped around you like a wet blanket. We abandoned our walk in favor of indoor entertainment, we put up our Christmas tree!

The first day of summer on Four Mile Beach Port Douglas

Australian Summertime and Christmas in the Tropics

Christmas tree going up in the tropics

After 5 years in the Southern Hemisphere it still doesn’t feel right to me, that child should be in a jumper, not board shorts still damp from the pool, it should be dark, the lights should stand out in the wintry gloom, not be overpowered by the sunshine streaming in through the windows and, most importantly, that should be a real tree, not a fake.

It’s one of the drawbacks of living in paradise as an expat, things just never feel quite right.

But, obviously, it’s just me. D said to me, after expertly dressing the tree

I love Christmas Mum, it’s so cozy!

I’m not sure how he feels cozy with the  air conditioning on for the first time this year and the overhead fans whirling in every room, but he does, and that’s all that matters. So we’re starting to feel a bit festive, looking forward to Christmas day at Dad’s hotel, one of the perks of being a chef’s widow. How about you, when does your tree go up?

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A Tropical Christmas in Port Douglas Australia