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tikal with kids

Good Friday At Tikal Guatemala

Wow, what a day, what a place, what a huge amount of learning! We are in Guatemala for Easter and it just happened that our visit to Tikal, the most incredible site in the Mayan world, fell on Good Friday. We’ve already experienced the huge build up to Easter in Antigua Guatemala, the biggest Easter …

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Food in Antigua Guatemala

We are having a very nice time here in Antigua Guatemala, quietly living our lives for a month. the Guatemalan food culture in Antigua is very different to what we’re used to on the backpacker trail in Asia. For some reason we expected everywhere to have plenty of inexpensive eating options, it’s not really the …

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Attacked by Dogs in Antigua

We travel to find new and different experiences, but while being attacked by dogs in Antigua qualified for both categories, it was an experience we really could have done without yesterday. In some countries, street dogs are a problem, particularly for we runners and parents. We have had run-ins with dogs several times. We didn’t …

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