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How to Travel the World

cost comparison for one year of travel

Gap Year Costs Comparison

It’s quite remarkable how differently people spend on a 12 month gap year or RTW (Round The World Trip) We spent just $30, 000, That’s under $10,000 each for the year. Others spend $30,000 per person just for one year of travel. I’ve even come across one spend of close to $40,000, for one person. …

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A year around the world Thailand

One Year Around The World

Another full year of travel completed. Where did we go? What were our milestones, highlights and low points? How did we do it and how did we keep it affordable? What goes into our planning process and how do we cope as a family with full time travel around the world? A recap of 2017, …

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How to Travel the World

How to Travel the World?

You want to know how to travel the world, right? We’ve done it, so can you. It could be a 2-week vacation to an exotic, far-away place that just puts you a little outside your comfort zone, or you could be wanting to travel for a year, maybe more, as a family, as a single …

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Planning a USA Road Trip

Planning a USA Road Trip

Are you heading to the USA for a road-trip vacation? Good choice, this country is perfectly set up for that kind of touring. Cheap fuel, great roads, affordable and plentiful motels and a million diverse things to see and do make the USA a brilliant driving holiday destination. Everything we know on travel USA after …

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