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We all know that long term family travel is great. Seeing the world, learning cool stuff, developing personal qualities and global understanding. But here are some more reasons to hit the road, ten very real reasons long term travel is great for mums ( or dads, or anyone else looking after children). We’ve been travelling as a family for 4+ years now and life is simply amazing. Read on, you could change your life too.

travel is great for mums

Ten Reasons Long Term Family Travel is Great for Mums

1. You get to spend all day, every day with your children.

No, I’m not joking, it IS good! I do this already, my kids are homeschooled, but if yours trundle off to school five days a week, just think how much of their childhood you’re missing out on. Childhood doesn’t last long, it flies by, you get to make the most of it and be a bigger part of it.

2. You spend more of that time having fun and less time doing chores.

As you wave goodbye to your house, car and possessions you also wave goodbye to maintaining those things. More free time to spend with your kids doing the fun stuff.

3.You’ll spend less time on laundry.

No more washing and ironing work clothes, somebody else will be washing your sheets, sometimes even your towels. All you have to worry about are personal items. Sometimes you’ll hand wash a few things in the sink, sometimes you’ll use a hostel washing machine, sometimes you’ll pass your dirty kit over to a lovely lady in a laundry and pick it up a few hours later, clean, ironed and smelling of daisies. Laundry becomes a weekly, leisurely event, not a daily battle with a stinking pile that never seems to get any smaller.

Long term travel is great for mums
No more shopping and cooking, just take them to the night market.

4. No more weekly food shop.

Pushing a trolley around the supermarket doesn’t do it for most people. Cooking is fun up to a point, but feeding a family 3 times a day, 7  days a week quickly gets old. You can replace the dreaded trolley dash with carefree strolls around food markets, selecting a few fresh fruits or other treats. Foreign supermarkets become exciting family outings, it’s amazing what you can find on the shelves in China.  Many Asian countries now have the UK supermarket chain Tesco, Asian Tesco is amazing,  just go for a wander and see what you can find.

5. No more cooking.

This is the big one for me, I like cooking sometimes ( see point 4) but mostly, eating out is far more fun. No preparation, no washing up, no wiping tables, no cleaning the oven. You can eat out 3 times a day, every day. No more catering for fussy eaters, no more cooking food because the kids like it, you can all order exactly what you want. Heaven!

6. No more battles over tidying their rooms.

The kids will have less stuff with them. Less stuff=less mess. I actually think kids have more fun with less stuff, but that’s another issue. Anyway, when it’s time to move on, everything goes back in the backpack, no more mess. Easy! Even if they’re dragging their heels and not wanting to pack their stuff themselves, packing up is much less effort than removing the contents of every cupboard in the house from the floor.

travel for mums
Less chores and stress, more cuddles.

7. No more battles over bedtime.

Chances are, you and the kids will all be sleeping in the same room. There’s not much point in Mum and Dad trying to pack them off to bed at 7pm. You can all just go to sleep when you’re ready, we do this already, it works really well for us.

8. You will improve your mind.

If you’re travelling with kids, you’ll be educating them as you go. I have learnt so much since I’ve been homeschooling them over the last 4-5 years. Every question they ask you can Google together, your maths will improve as you help them to get their heads around things, your spelling will improve as you check what you thought you knew. No more mummy brain fug.

9. Less cleaning.

No more vacuuming, mopping floors, cleaning toilets or dusting. I do tend to give some surfaces a once over with an antiseptic wipe if the need arises, but mostly, nothing. No housework.

10.Less stress, more fun, happier parents.

Happier parents are better parents. You can now read that book to them without worrying about getting the dinner in the oven, you can play football instead of mowing the lawn, you can sit, chat, cuddle, connect. You will probably be less tired as you start to follow your body clock, I’m not known for my sweet nature when I’m tired. Are you?

So are you convinced? Reading back through that list I wonder what I’m doing sitting here on my sofa, thinking about washing the covers, looking at the kitchen and the pile of washing up, wondering what I’m going to cook for dinner. It does not compute! House Sitting isn’t for me, time to get back on the road. If you’re still not 100% convinced that long term family travel is great for YOU, you could read this post, 12 reasons to take a round the world trip.  Or maybe this one, find out how we’ve finance the last 4 years of travel. Worried about the kids’ education? Go here Look at the Learning from 1 year of travel here or find out how we educate on the road here. Any questions? Feel free to chat in the comments.

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21 thoughts on “Long Term Family Travel is Great for Mums.”

  1. Fun reasons to throw caution to the wind, for sure! We do have to deal with food allergies (anaph.) and skin allergies so those realities still follow us with travel but it is great to keep trudging carefree, when possible!

  2. Although I don’t have children, I agree that traveling is great for reducing messes and stuff. Learning to live with less actually makes you happier and lessens the stress of having to take care of things. With more things you have more responsibility and travel makes you realize how much you don’t need in order to be happy.

  3. So true Alyson. Especially the washing and cooking stuff. I hate cooking. I really can’t understand when people say that they need a kitchen when they’re “on holiday.” When I’m on my hols or on a weekend break, the pleasure is to go out and enjoy the kitchen and food of another.

    I’d hardly call it a holiday when you’re still living a life of drudgery. Shudder!

  4. Yup I agree with most of the points. For me it’s frustrating trying to keep a stable job whilst living this lifestyle though .

  5. I agree with you! Every one needs some time to enjoy life and travelling is definitely a nice way to do that. Your reasons seem to be convincing!

  6. Yep x 10 !!!!! 7 weeks to go until our lease is up and we are nomads….. my 10 yr old homeschooled daughter agrees……. she is totally over washing dishes and grocery shopping too!!

  7. I would love to do this. Now if only we had the finances and lifestyle to do something like this. With hubby’s work it would be impossible for all of us to go for a long time together ๐Ÿ™

  8. A wonderful post and you’re so right. We travel each year more than 6 months and enjoy the adventure. Although we sometimes love to spend some time as a couple or work without disruption. There’s lovely kiddy gardens around ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Thank you for such a great post. We are still in the process of planning our trip, and absolutely cannot wait to be able to spend every minute of our days exploring life with our child. Aside from the life-long adventure, etc, etc, your point number 3 has made me want to go NOW!

  10. With this post you must have convinced everyone with kids to travel, who else want to stay home if they can have so much fun on the road?
    I don’t have kids myself and I admire who ever travels with children, it must be tough at times, doesn’t it?

    • Sure it’s tough at times Franca, but having kids is just having kids, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are. I’d far rather it be tough somewhere interesting with no housework involved than at home!

  11. Some of benefits even apply to me and I don’t have kids. I much prefer traveling and letting someone else do the cooking. Experiencing new foods and dishes is a such a highlight to travel.

  12. Oh, I couldn’t agree with you more. We aren’t as mobile as you, so some don’t apply to us. Most do and it is the best. The kids are even thankful they get to see us more. We have such in depth conversations, that I am not sure would have “come up” if we were in our old life. They have become such rich, deep, inquisitive thinkers and I am far more “stress free”. Ah! I love this life.

  13. Totally agree. There’s so much more life than the mundane ^&#% we mothers have to do on a daily basis around the home. It’s all a lot easier on the road for some reason.


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