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Have you heard of smart luggage? I hadn’t until very recently, but it’s a “thing” a mind-blowingly amazing thing. The future is here and people are buying it. Smart luggage is the latest buzzword for the tech-aware traveller thirsting for the latest innovations. If you need your luggage to have built-in tracking, Wi-Fi hot spots, Bluetooth, GPS, Remote locking, Automatic built-in weighing, SIM cards, GPS, USB chargers and built-in batteries (and who doesn’t!) Smart Luggage is for you! But, and it’s a big but, airline crackdowns are making some luggage and backtracking devices obsolete. See these updates below.

If you spend a lot of time in airports you’ll know the value of a mobile power and wi-fi source, right by your side. The cases and bags that incorporate this can also have automated tracking and other future-forward features. If you don’t want to buy a smart case, you can just go for a tracking device to place in your existing luggage. If you wondered, as we did, luggage tracking systems are designed to shut down during flights and reanimate once the plane is safely at the terminal to stay security and in-flight regulation-friendly. You’ll never lose a bag to an airline again with this tracking. Check out the latest wonders available here with these bags, suitcases and devices

Best smart luggage and tracking devices for tech savvy travel

Bans and Restrictions on Smart Luggage and Bag Tracking Devices

You will need to read up on this before buying or attempting to fly with, devices such as these.

Business insider says airlines will start banning smart luggage in 2018. here.

Airlines banning smart luggage with lithium batteries January 14 th 2018. here.

Lithium Batteries in Baggage FAA March 2019 release. here.

Bluesmart stops production and support in response to the ban. here.

So, as you can see this post was written in 2017 before these items were banned, you need to check your airline’s rules and your equipment’s specifications before buying or flying with these items.

Since this post was written the rules have not fully been brought into effect. You can still purchase smart luggage but it is mainly limited to carry-on or small trackers you can put in a normal suitcase.

Best Smart Luggage for 2024

Everything changed in 2018. The airlines clamped down and this post needs a serious overhaul. Bluesmart ceased trading, other products came into existence. But still, take a look below.

Tile Tracking Devices

Smart Luggage Tracker

Tile can be used to track anything you like! Attach them to your keys, bags or small items to find them at shorter range. These devices use Bluetooth and the manufacturer claims a 1 year battery life and 400ft range. An app on your phone can report your tracked item’s most recent location, or alert you with a call if your item is in range. These are similar to Apple’s Airtag, but are in stock at time of writing.

Like the AirTag, various housings are available, including pet collars with an insert for a Tile tracking device.

Apple Airtag

The Apple Airtag is very similar to the Tile device above but at time of writing, it is out of stock on Amazon. You may be able to find one at your local Apple store. The Airtag can be attached to just about everything, thanks to a huge range of holders and fixing available inexpensively online. You can wear them on a wristband, put them around your kids’ necks, fix them to your bike or even track your pets with special collars. We like these fixings for kids.

Trackimo GPS Trackers

We have had a million comments suggesting we add Trackimo GPS trackers to our selection. So here you go, they’re added. If you’d like to read why everyone wants to recommend these GPS trackers, go to the comments.

Bluesmart One – Smart Luggage

Update: This Bluesmart One bag is now not available to purchase. This may change in the future.

This case, the Bluesmart One, seems to have every smart luggage feature currently available. ( Bluesmart have announced their withdrawal from the market)

  • GPS for bag tracking
  • Remote Locking using your phone.
  • Built-in scale in the handle for easy weighing.
  • Battery Charger with 2 USB ports, up to 6 phone charges.
  • International Carry-on Size.
  • TSA-Approved.
  • Tough water-resistant polycarbonate exterior.

SwiftFinder Smart Luggage Tag

  • Worldwide Tracking
  • Integrates with your smartphone via its own app.
  • Bluetooth equipped
  • 4 year battery life
  • FAA, FCC and TSA approved
smart tracker

SwiftFinder Smart Luggage Tags

Luggage Tracker Device with App

  • Worldwide tracking.
  • Automatic luggage arrival notification.
  • Integrates with your smartphone via its free app for iOS and Android
  • Track on the ground even inside trucks, cars, planes and hard suitcases.
  • FCC certified, FAA compliant.
  • Share location with friends and family
  • Up to 5 year battery life

 Luggage Tracker, Flight Baggage Tracer, Anti-lost Palm-size Locator, Airline Trip Worldwide Travel Tracking Monitor Detector Finder, iOS & Android Compatible

Spytech Tracker

  • Track anything or anyone. 
  • Compact, attaches to belt.
  • Integrates with Google Maps to track online.
  • Monthly fee, no commitment
  • Automated text messages
Best Luggage Trackers

Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker

Planet Traveller Smart Tech Case/ Luggage

  • Worldwide Tracking.
  • Polycarbonate outer
  • Global Tracker app.
  • Self Scale to check the weight of your luggage without lifting it.
  • Said to have the World’s First Virtual Warranty. Claims are handled through the app.
  • World Wide 5 Year Warranty and automated claims. 

Samsonite Underseat Spinner II with USB Port

  • Fits under plane seats (unpacked exterior dimensions = 16.5″ x 13.75″ x 9″)
  • Multi spinning wheels allow for 360 rolling in multiple directions for easy mobility
  • USB socket lets you charge electronics on the go (batteries not included)
  •  Exterior pockets for easy access of smaller items
Smart Luggage Tracker

Samsonite Underseat Spinner II with USB Port

REYLEO Hardside Spinner Luggage 20 Inch Carry On Suitcase

  • Two USB Charging Ports with two external USB charging port outside and built in charging cable inside. Due to FAA regulations you’ll need to supply a battery pack that is removable.
  • 3-year Warranty & Built-in TSA Lock. 
  • 20Inch & Sturdier & Lightweight. Made of lightweight ABS material scratch-resistant and waterproof, 150D-polyester interior.
  • Item Size: 13.8 x 8.1 x 21.3in(L x W x H); Item Weight: 5.5 Pounds
  • Multi-directional 8-wheel silent spinner carry-on luggage can rotate 360 degree 
  • Adjustable 3-level sturdier aluminium telescoping handle allows you to quickly manoeuvre in tight spaces

REYLEO Hardside Spinner Luggage

We hope you had as much fun looking at these toys as we did researching them and when somebody develops a 65L + ladies travel pack with batteries, USB ports, solar power, built in wi-fi, a mini-bar and tracking, I’ll be buying it and giving you a full review.

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  1. It’s not surprising that there are smart luggages now, cool and trendy. Have anyone tried those or is it still better to use the conventional luggage and just invest in a dependable GPS tracker?

    • I’d prefer to use a GPS tracker because it can be easily detached from the luggage if ever you’re using another one for your travel. No hassle at all.

      • I’ve been using a universal tracker too and Trackimo is just excellent! I can easily stick it to my luggage or bags and keep monitor it using their app.

  2. I’d prefer a tracking device so i could use them in so many ways. Do those tracking devices mention above have a subscription?

  3. lots to choose from and would love to have that bluesmart one. are there more trackers around there other than cited here? 🙂

  4. Cool that smart luggages are now available but I’d prefer the conventional luggage still. Getting a gps tracker works better for me, thanks for this list!

    • I agree! Even though it is amazing, i find it convenient that I could reuse the gps tracker onto other things I wanted to attach it with

    • @Dylan Wampler, Does a gps tracker show your luggage location, on your phone, if it is in another country, like some of the luggage companies are adding?

  5. Great that this technology is now available in the market, it will lessen the worries of travelers losing their luggage. I should get one of these. Reviews or recommendations anyone?

    • What I’m using is not on this list but works really good. I have the 3g Trackimo universal tracker, works worldwide and the app is easy to use. I can set up alerts, it also comes with accessories like velcro and lanyard which is what I’m using. The first year subscription is also free, a good investment to keep an eye on important things I must say.

      • i agree. i love their geofence feature, it notifies you whenever the gps tracker you’ve attached is beyond the area you’ve set

      • Speaking of important things, the 3G Trackimo Guardian is something I can take anywhere with me since I carry important investments in the luggage for travel purposes and could run the risk of losing my luggage if the baggage personnel aren’t careful.

      • I agree Nicole! I had it for over a year now and the app is really easy to use. Tracking is excellent and it has very low monthly fee.

      • I’d definitely agree with you Nicole! This tracker is worth your time ad investment. Found my lost luggage thanks to it. Glad I followed my husband’s advice. Please add it to this list. Thanks!

  6. Hi Alyson, nice post! I like that you have quite a variety of trackers in the post. I think I love SpytechTracker the best. Thanks for the post.

  7. That remote locker is awesome. I wish they are available in tech stores near me because I can’t order online. Any recommendations where to buy it locally? I’m in here California. Thanks in advance!

  8. Thanks for the reviews. The people attending luggage auctions won’t be to happy about this.


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