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I think Ella in the hill country of Sri Lanka is one of my favourite towns so far. It’s full of tourists, backpacker type tourist mostly. There are endless guest houses asking too much money, but it’s really refreshing to be up in the hills. It’s cool, if not cold, great walking weather. That is what people do in Ella, they walk.

Yesterday we took the boys up Little Adam’s Peak and on to Nine Arches railway bridge. That was around 8Km.

This morning we thought we’d try walking down the hill through Ella Gap to see what we could find.

As I just wrote on my Facebook page:

This morning we walked down the hill for 2 Km, turned right at the waterfall, walked 1Km up the hill past the monkeys, found the temple, found the guy with the key to open the temple, had a look ( great temple!) walked 1Km back to the road and then gave up and got a tuck tuck the next 4Km to the big waterfall. Possibly the most impressive waterfall I’ve ever seen, actually, waterfalls don’t really do it for me. But I’m pooped,I haven’t walked every day like this in ages!

It’s true, I am completely and utterly, mentally and physically and I don’t feel too well. I think six months on the road is enough for now, I’m looking forward to my rest in the UK over Christmas and some really great food and wine. Even people who are “on holiday” all the time need a break.

So, no fancy posts today, just some photos of this gorgeous little temple we found and the waterfall further down Ella Gap. ( photos of Ella Gap are in the Adam’s Peak post, it’s beautiful)

It’s usually the real temples, the people’s temples, not the big tourist attractions, that I enjoy the most. This one was great, built into the natural rock, nobody else there other than the guy with the key and a few monkeys.

walks around ella sri lanka

The sign says it’s called Rawanaella Ancient Temple. We’re not travelling with a guide-book, we’re just sort of wandering and seeing what turns up at the moment. Sometimes it’s nice to do that.

walking ella sri lanka
Sectret rock temple ella sri lanka
Temple Lamp Ella Sri Lanka
cave temple ella sri lanka
tuk tuk to waterfalls ella Sri Lanka
waterfall Ella Sri Lanka

That’s it for today and that’s it from Ella. It’s been raining all afternoon, an icy drizzle befitting Britain, so that, coupled with my total lack of energy, has made us decide to forget about Adam’s Peak for now. Shame, but there’s always next time. We’re on the train to Kandy tomorrow, it’s supposed to be a spectacular ride.

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