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Jump to whichever post you like from our Cambodia travel blog section. All of our content on travelling in Cambodia is here, our personal experiences and travel information. We cover getting to Cambodia from surrounding countries in South East Asia, places, towns, cities and attractions to visit in Cambodia and the practicalities of food, lodging, …

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What do they eat in Cambodia?

I posted today about our cookery course in Battambang, Cambodia. It was a fabulous experience. As part of the tour we visited the local market, something we do often, but on this occasion we stayed longer than usual and took more photos. I’m publishing these photos separately because sensitive viewers may find them a little …

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One Day Battambang Tour Cambodia

Everyone knows about the Bamboo Railway in Battambang, but there are many more things to do and see in this cool Cambodian town. It’s the second largest town in the country and lies in the heart of rice growing country. Despite it’s size, Battambang retains its quiet riverside charm and remnants of French colonial architecture, …

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