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Breb is a village in the far north of Romania. It is in Maramures County to the north of Transylvania.

Breb is a popular destination in Romania for country and mountain breaks. We had the great privilege of living in Breb, on and off, for 3 years.

Breb is one of the most incredible places we’ve ever been.

Every May, the Tânjaua or Tanjaua (the spring ploughing festival), is held in the village of Hoteni in Maramures Romania. The villagers, in traditional summer costumes, process and leap through the village of Hoteni to glorify the first ploughing of the fields. It’s something not to miss in Maramures and a great excuse to visit this …

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Haystacks are an unmistakable icon of Maramures. You will see them here all year round, punctuating the landscape on white, brown or green fields. For haystack lovers, and I count myself as such, you want to be in Maramures at this time of year to watch just one of the annual traditional processes going on. …

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I’m going to introduce you to our neighbours and share a book, Somewhere Different, with you. I want to let you now about a family with an incredible survival story and an interesting outcome. It’s a story that has now become entwined with ours. We met them over the internet and we’ve ended up neighbours  in Breb …

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