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Breb, Romania

An incredible part of the world. The village of Breb and surrounding areas. Village life and travel information for Breb Maramures. We came here by chance in 2013, in 2018 we’re still wanting to call this village home, still staying here whenever we can, still hanging out with the locals and our friend Penny at The Village Hotel Breb. Come, you’ll love it here.

Winter Living the dream

Surviving Winter in Romania

Winter has done its worst and the mercury is starting to hit positive numbers during the short days here in the remote mountains of Romania. This area is beautiful, harsh, inspiring and difficult and it’s where we choose to be. Why, when we could live anywhere in the world, do we choose to spend winter …

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Village life in Romania. Traditional Maramures outfit

Romanian Village Life

Our lifestyle isn’t conventional. We travel and have done for over 2 years now, we do unusual things like falling in love with Romanian village life and buying houses in rural Romania, some people think we’re crazy, but that’s cool. Sometimes I think we’re crazy too. Yesterday I reshared an old post, a reader had …

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