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48 Hours in Budapest. What to Do.

Ask anyone who has traveled through Eastern Europe to name their favorite city and they will almost definitely say Budapest. Home of beautiful buildings, steaming spa baths and delightfully cheap beer, there’s really nothing not to love. Budapest is the ideal destination for people who want a weekend getaway. Two days in Budapest is all …

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Hortobagy National Park, Hungary

Around June I became aware that a few things existed, Hungarian horsemen and their incredible skills, the UNESCO listed Hortobágy National Park, the Puszta and the rare and heritage breed livestock of this unique region. We’ve been trying to make a visit to this area ever since but our first chance came with our trans-Europe, …

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Hungary Travel Blog (Places & Experiences)

Our Hungary Travel Blog page is based on road tripping our way though the country 4 times. All our experiences of Hungary have been good and we’ve stayed overnight in 5 very different places, magnificent Budapest, the pretty city of Györ, Hortobágy National Park , Lake Balaton and in a cabin on a lovely lake. …

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