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One, Two, Three, Four Year Travel Roundups

One, two, three and four year anniversaries of non stop family travel, travel highlights, educational highlights, where we went and the crappy bits.

cost comparison for one year of travel

Gap Year Costs Comparison

It’s quite remarkable how differently people spend on a 12 month gap year or RTW (Round The World Trip) We spent just $30, 000, That’s under $10,000 each for the year. Others spend $30,000 per person just for one year of travel. I’ve even come across one spend of close to $40,000, for one person. …

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A year around the world Thailand

One Year Around The World

Another full year of travel completed. Where did we go? What were our milestones, highlights and low points? How did we do it and how did we keep it affordable? What goes into our planning process and how do we cope as a family with full time travel around the world? A recap of 2017, …

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Getting a sak yant in Thailand for women

50 Journeys Round the Sun.

It’s traditional to do a year-end wrap post, so here goes with 2016. This year was a big one for me, it was my 50th on this endlessly fascinating planet. I’d like another 50 years of exploration but I doubt that will happen so I’ll just concentrate on sucking all the life out of however …

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What Will My Boys Remember?

You may think we’ve not been to many places in 2014, after all, we’ve been exploring London in minute detail since May, but 2014 saw us visit 10 countries in total. We were pretty busy. We’ve loved what we’ve done and it’s amazing to see the changes in the boys, physically, educationally and in every …

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One year of worldschooling

World Schooling. One Year of Travel. Homeschooling Highlights

It’s really hard to quantify learning. The knowledge the boys have acquired through our 1 year journey, 4 continents and 12 countries, is immense, quite staggering really. Here are some of our homeschooling, or, if you prefer, world schooling or unschooling, highlights. We didn’t just try worldschooling for a year, my kids’ whole education has revolved around …

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