How to Travel and Homeschool, and why its great for kids


Combining travel and homeschooling is called...

WORLD schooling or WORLDSCHOOLING its a popular form of alternative education

AND IT's a powerful way to learn and raise kids. Kids of Any Age, and their families, can benefit from worldschooling

HOW DO WE KNOW that homeschool and travel, combinied, ie. worldschooling, works? We are this family, we travel full time and our kids prove it works.

OUR KIDS LEARNED  through homeschooling and worldschooling THAT FROM 6 to 16 years old. We combined home school and family travel for several years, full-time.


YOU BET! We All enjoyed it and at 16 they took highschool exams, and passed.

worldschooling can work for kids of any age, from pre school to highschool kids. Any age can be "World Schooled"

There is far more to learn in the real world than in a classroom. The World is outside the school gates.

And world schooling, or travelling homeschooling Famies Get to enjoy more quality time together. It enhances family connections.

WANT TO LEARN MORE? HOW TO AFFORD IT? HOW TO DO IT? OUTCOMES for kids who were homeschooled as they traveled?