Discover food in Southeast Asia, what food is eaten in Southeast Asian Countries, and where to find the best food in Asia

Southeast Asian Food

Southeast Asian food is some of the best in the world. Each country in Southeast Asia having cuisines of their own. The prawn soup, above, is from Thailand.

Vietnam is another Southeast Asian country with a superb cuisine. This is a Vietnamese noodle dish being assembled.

Indonesia is also in Southeast Asia. Here is Indonesian satay, which can be meat, or vegetarian tempeh with peanut sauce.

Malaysia is geographically close to Indonesia and these 2 Southeast Asian cuisines have similarities. This is a vegan Malaysian dish.

Spring rolls and ricepaper rolls are common in many Southeast Asian countries. These can be fresh, steamed, or fried.

Cambodia has its own unique dishes. This is a steamed fish dish, in a set custard, from Cambodia, a popular Khmer dish.

The flavours of Southeast Asia reflect the tropical and subtropical climates in the region. Southeast Asian cuisine uses the fruits, vegetables, and herbs that grow locally.

Southeast Asia has long coastlines with many islands and rivers. Near these, fish and seafood will feature in local dishes.

Look for local Asian ingredients in the fresh produce markets. You'll find these accross Southeast Asia.