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Travel With Kids

This index holds all of our posts relating to travel with kids, including tips for travel with kids, popular destinations for family travel and experiences of travel with kids. However, our site is not purely a travel with kids site, we travel all ways and often take on very challenging destinations, the sort of places most families will never go. You can find those in our travel destinations and places tab, look in the top menu.

The blog posts below and on subsequent pages relate directly to travel and vacations with kids, from babies to teens and tweens. We hope you find what you're looking for.

London Museums With Kids (Best Ones!)

London is a place where you can have so much fun with the family, When you’re done playing, shopping, and exploring, be sure to check out some of London’s best museums. London’s family-friendly museums with kids can be a joy, but kids need fun things to do. Luckily London England has world-class museums hosting many …

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Travel With Kids. 10 Things Kids Hate About Travel

My kids are big now. Bigger than me. Young people with minds and opinions of their own. I think it’s time to ask them, honestly, what they hated about travel and travelling for 6 full years as a digital nomad family. There must be something, surely? All those long hours on planes, vomit-inducing bus rides, …

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14 Problems of Travelling With Kids

Problems of travelling with kids, oh yes, there are a few. Some consider them major problems, others, tiny inconveniences outweighed by rainbow benefits. We are firmly in the second group or we wouldn’t be doing this crazy non-stop travel thing. We did it for 6 years, full-time, maybe we’re nuts. A post on the problems …

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Parenting and Travel (Raising Kids on the Road)

This post is about learning to be parents on the road. How we handled parenting children while travelling, without routine, without consistency, schedule, or any of the things the parenting rule books will preach. We believe in throwing rule books out of the window. Parenting and Travel is an extract, edited, from our e-Book, The …

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We are a Full-Time Travel Family. How?

This is the post that has to be written, how we, the owners of World Travel Family travel blog, get to travel full-time or even permanently, as a family. We’re not unique, there are plenty of other globe-trotting, full-time travelling families on the world circuit, but to the vast majority of people what we do …

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Port Douglas With Kids (What’s There To Do?)

Port Douglas Queensland Australia is a beautiful, up-market resort town with easy access to the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest. It’s a dream destination for families with kids with many safe, beautiful, outdoor things to do. We’ve called it home since our kids were toddlers, babies really. If you’ve not had a chance to …

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