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Things to do in the UK

Marmite Flavour Fudge in Poole

Everybody knows that Marmite is the best tasting yeasty spread in the world ( this is where I duck and cover while the Aussies throw abuse at me!). But would you fancy Marmite flavour fudge? We’ve tried Marmite flavour chocolate before, you can find that fairly easily in the UK. It’s nice, but more as …

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The Cerne Abbas Giant

I posted the other day about our drive down through, Avebury, Stonehenge and the chalk horses of Wiltshire. What a great day out, we loved it! We missed one very important site, The Cerne Abbas Giant. If you’re in this part of England take a chance to see this chalk man with his rampant penis …

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UK With Kids

Have you ever considered taking your kids to the UK for a vacation or holiday? We think it’s a great idea, the UK has lots to offer, particularly for children. Let me do what I can to convince you and talk a bit about the UK with kids. This post is intended as a guide …

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The Doctor Who Experience

The Doctor Who Experience in Both London and Cardiff sadly closed down some time ago. We hope it comes back but it’s not looking likely. We thought you’d like to see our photos from the Doctor Who Experience, it was an incredible thing to visit and be a part of, for my then, very small …

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