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Have We Thrown it All Away?

One of the reactions we received on announcing our decision to sell everything, quit work and travel indefinitely was: “You’re throwing it all away.” Were we? Were we really throwing away a great job, an enviable lifestyle and a dream home in a location that is considered paradise in Australia? Some people just couldn’t understand why we …

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Freaking out in Malaysia

Malaysia is in the middle of an environmental catastrophe. If you read my last post, things we didn’t like about Kuala Lumpur, you’ll remember me mentioning the air pollution.  I didn’t realise what was going on back then. Vast quantities of smoke from fires on Sumatra are blowing across the straits of Malacca engulfing Singapore …

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Port Douglas: Leaving it Behind.

This is my last week in Port Douglas, Queensland. Regular readers will know we are British expats and have been living in paradise here for almost six years. They will also know that it hasn’t always been paradise for me. I suffered badly with culture shock and found it hard to adjust. But goodbye Port Douglas, hello new adventure, …

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Scared to Travel the World?

Am I scared to leave home and travel the world indefinitely, with no fixed plans? Not really. I can’t wait to go. If I was scared last time we took off round the world back in 2001 on our first RTW, I can’t remember. Maybe I was anxious about finding accommodation or getting off the …

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