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Living Differently

World Travel Family, Who?

World Travel Family, a name picked for SEO reasons, we don’t call ourselves that in real life. We are just a normal family, like yours, the only thing different about us is our passion for travel and education and our tendency to share destinations and travel experiences on our websites and social media. We hope, and …

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When Natural Disasters Affect Your Travel Plans. Recovering From India

One day we were enjoying India in beautiful Kovalam, planning our next-day flight to Kathmandu and subsequent overland return to North India, the next we were landing in Heathrow, tired, displaced, confused, sick and thoroughly disorientated. It was a very weird experience, India one day, London the next. We hadn’t had enough, a month in …

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Two Weeks in Istanbul

We’ve been in Istanbul now for almost 2 weeks so I thought I’d do one of those posts where I tell you about life on the road, what we’re doing, why we’re doing, what’s Istanbul like and what is there to see and do. The Istanbul Blog We love Istanbul. We’ve explored and roamed this …

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What Will My Boys Remember?

You may think we’ve not been to many places in 2014, after all, we’ve been exploring London in minute detail since May, but 2014 saw us visit 10 countries in total. We were pretty busy.   We’ve loved what we’ve done and it’s amazing to see the changes in the boys, physically, educationally and in …

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We’re Not a Budget Travel Blog.

Yesterday, a potential hotel sponsor asked me “Can your readers afford us?” That’s a perfectly reasonable question, we’ve written post after post about doing things on the cheap, saving money to travel and finding great deals. I can see where she was coming from. I replied, explained our demographic and our philosophy and I’m thrilled to report, …

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Slow travel in London Budget

London on the Cheap.

Housing and holiday accommodation in London is pretty high up on the global price chart, nobody is arguing with that. So how on earth are we managing to live short-term ( or, enjoy a very long vacation, what they call slow travel ) in a beautiful and desirable areas of outer London, on the tube line, …

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Making Memories Family Travel

The Importance of Memories.

We are what’s called a digital nomad family. This means that our ability to generate a location independent income while homeschooling ( some call it worldschooling) our 2 children, leave us free to travel and explore the world. It’s about freedom, learning, adventures and stimulation, but it’s also about making memories for the kids and …

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