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Paleo Food In Cairns

Last Updated 01/08/2021

Healthy, Delicious Paleo Food In Cairns.

We’ve just been on a mission to try the new cafe serving paleo food in Cairns.

It’s an hour in the car from Port Douglas to Cairns, a long way to go for lunch, but I was really excited to try out the Paleo Cafe on Grafton St. Cairns.

We’ve been dabbling in paleo for a few months, I’ve lost 4Kg and feel a lot healthier for it, we are finding paleo food absolutely delicious so I thought I’d go check out what the professionals could do with this eating plan.

Please check and double-check all the information we give you locally as times, places, dates, and services do, as we found, change often. Restrictions and closures may apply.

UPDATE 2019: This restaurant no longer exists in this form.Today it is a gluten free restaurant and it’s still pretty good. We went along last week for gluten free chicken snitzel and fries for the kids, smashed avo on GF toast for me and nice smoothies and coffee.

paleo food in cairns. paleo seafood curry

Paleo Thai seafood curry with cauliflower rice

It’s a great menu, there is plenty of choice, I was tempted by the cauliflower soup and the paleo Caesar salad, in the end I settled on the Thai style seafood curry with cauliflower rice ($16)

It was great, cauliflower rice was a new one on me, I had to ask the waitress how it was done, it is blitzed raw cauliflower, steamed  How simple is that? It’s absolutely delicious and went extremely well with the mild coconut curry. Lots of vegetables and a very generous serving of prawns, salmon and barramundi. It wasn’t very hot, there were a few flecks of red chili, both the children enjoyed it.

We always taste each other’s food and get a conversation going about its qualities, it may be bad manners, but I’m a homeschooler, it’s education!

Paleo Children’s Meals

children's meal paleo food in cairns

 Paleo food in Cairns. Paleo sweet potato fries.

Paleo food in Cairns. paleo shepherd's pie

The Paleo Cafe was offering two children’s meals at $9 each, roast chicken and veg or paleo shepherd’s pie and salad, so we ordered one of each along with a side of sweet potato chips.

Very happy kids! They loved it. We are vegetarian at home but Boo has a bit of a chicken fetish, his paleo roast chicken was perfect for him, a huge breast portion, coated with herbs that gave it a fantastic flavour.

 In my current version of vegetarian, fish and tasting things is allowed.

He polished off most of the veg, they were all perfectly steamed. He doesn’t like courgettes, but that’s his problem!

D’s paleo shepherd’s pie was great, too. You could taste the quality of the grass fed meat. Again, he ate the lot, and all of the salad. It’s nice to see a salad that isn’t just a garnish.

Wouldn’t you be happy to see your children eating so healthily? Everything on those plates was doing them good.

$8-$9 is about what you pay for a children’s meal in Port Douglas and Cairns, sometimes it’s frozen, battered fish and fries, I begrudge paying that much for rubbish, but this was well worth it.


The paleo chocolate cake ($6) was sitting on the counter looking at us. We had to try, delicious, moist, chocolatey. You could taste the almond meal and the coconut. Really, really good.

So, if you are looking for paleo food in Cairns, or just fancy a healthy meal, try here, let me know if you like it!

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