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Flying with children

Flying With Children

Most people worry about flying with children. I used to, but now I don’t know why I ever did. We’ve done it many, many times including flying the seriously long-haul UK to Australia routes with kids. It holds no horrors for me and hasn’t for years. No, my children are not angels, far from it, …

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Homeschooling Why do people love to hate it against don't home school

Some People Don’t Get Home Schooling

Some people just don’t understand homeschooling at all. That’s OK, its not something that most people have ever come across or researched. It’s not “normal”, school is the best thing for kids in the conventional mindset. Surely it’s compulsory? It’s not compulsory, it’s a choice, parents have a legal obligation to provide their children with an education. …

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Dinner in Port Douglas

Living in Port Douglas.

This post was written and titled “Living in Port Douglas” when we were planning our great escape. We lived in Port Douglas. we owned, still own, a beautiful house there, but we left to travel the world. We’ve been travelling a very long time now, that’s just how things worked out. Port Douglas is a …

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Koh Samet Blog

Koh Samet (also spelled Ko Samet or Ko Samed), is maybe the easiest of the Thai Islands to access if you are visiting Bangkok, just 220 Km from the capital and 7km from the shore. It is very popular as a weekend destination with locals and is full of backpackers, independent travellers and package tour …

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Dubai Travel Guide

Dubai Travel Blog and Guide

It was love at first sight for us in Dubai. From the moment we left the airport, Dubai was one big wow. We posted about our fantastically fun camel-riding, belly-dancing, dune-jumping adventure in the desert. We’ve told you about the cultural heritage tour that took us beyond the glitz into the living heart of Old Dubai. I …

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