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Cheap family accommodation is one of my favourite internet search terms, I use it a lot. Family travel in Laos isn’t the easiest, there are a lot of long bus rides and narrow mountain roads, but it brings huge rewards. We were in Laos for 6 weeks during the wet season (July-Sept), our second visit. We all fell in love with the country and its people. We hope to go back next year and explore Laos more. This post discusses some of the budget family accommodation we used and found in Laos.

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We think that finding cheap family accommodation is the hardest part of travel. In Laos, we never pre-booked, we always just turned up and looked on foot. This was easy enough to do, there was loads of availability. Vang Vieng, in particular was very quiet, the guest houses were mostly empty. Our budget for Laos was around $50 per day and we tried to stick to that on this trip. These days we refuse to set a budget for travel, but back then we were very much a budget travel blog.

Cheap Family Accommodation Laos – We Used

I’ve meant to do this for a while, post about where we’ve stayed and what it cost us to show you what you can get for your money. So here goes, these are the places we actually used. We often found some other hotel for the first night and then had a hunt around for a better place the next day, when we weren’t so tired and weighed down with backpacks. The hotels and guest houses mentioned here were our long-term choices.

We don’t always go for the cheapest accommodation we can find, everywhere has to be approved by me. Mum knows best. It just has to be cheap enough, clean enough and safe enough. We always look for free wi-fi. We always had air-con in Laos to cut down the Dengue fever risk and we tend to look for places with outside space to hang out and for the children to play. I don’t like being cooped up in hotel rooms.

We usually search on foot, finding cheap family accommodation on the internet is hard and always costs you more. I’m not claiming we’ve found the cheapest or the best places, but they were fine by us.

Note: I always point out a few negatives in these posts. Obviously, if they’d been a big deal we wouldn’t have stayed, we’d have left. I just find a few for the benefit of others who may be sensitive to noise or whatever. They’re not my negatives.

Family Accommodation in Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng Laos Family accommodation
Riverside Backpackers Guesthouse, Vang Vieng, Laos

Cost per night:       90,000 Kip/night ( roughly $12.00)

Number of beds: 1 large double, 1 single

This was our best value accommodation in Laos, and our favourite. It was lovely to cross the rickety bridge to “our” island. We had comfortable, new, clean beds, en-suite basic shower room, free wi-fi, air-con and fan, outdoor space complete with riverside hammocks, TV, a great location and a lovely view. We stayed here for weeks. All family accommodation in Vang Vieng seemed  to cost about the same, we visited just about every hotel and guest house, this was our pick.

Riverside Backpacker’s Guest House, Vang Vieng

Our favourite restaurant was called Santana, it was directly opposite Riverside Backpacker’s Guest House, on the other side of the river. They did great breakfasts!

Family Accommodation in Luang Prabang

Norasingh Guest House Luang Prabang, Laos

Cost per night:       100,000 Kip/night  ( roughly $13.00)

Number of beds: 2 singles

Family accommodation in Luang Prabang cost more than in Vang Vieng, we ended up in a twin room to save money. Luang Prabang is a much more expensive town because of the influx of fly in tourists, there is an airport in Luang Prabang now. Food costs are higher too. This place, Norasingh, was almost opposite the monastery and opened onto the night market. The location was great, the room was really lovely and there was outdoor space for the children to play. We had air-con, TV and wi-fi included.

This is not the Sita Norasingh, that’s a different place.

Our top dining recommendation for Luang Prabang is the Nisha Indian Restaurant on Kitsalat Rd. Don’t touch the night market buffets unless you want food poisoning! James ( the Chef, he should know better!) was very, very sick in Luang Prabang.

Family Accommodation in Vientiane

Vientiane Laos family accommodation
Mixok Inn, Vientiane, Laos.

Cost per night:       200, 000 Kip ( roughly $26.00) including breakfast for 4.

Number of beds: 3 singles

We searched the backpacker area down near the banks of the Mekong. There are a lot of large but shabby, cheap hotels. This one was quite pleasant and new. Breakfast was included, eggs, baguette, coffee and fruit for 4, so it was a good enough deal. For comparison breakfast in Vang Vieng cost us around  90,000 Kip every day for 4 ( but boy was it good!).

The location of this one was great, we could walk down to the Mekong at sunset for the markets and outdoor aerobics and, in the other direction, walk to the great Wats and museums and the central bus station. We even walked to the COPE centre and Victory monument.

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This post is part of our cheap family accommodation series. We tell you where we stayed and what we thought of it. If any money has changed hands in the form of discounts, I will tell you! So far, it hasn’t. I’ll leave that to the bigger bloggers.

We want to let you compare what travel in various countries will cost you and show you roughly what you’ll get for your money.

We have already published Cheap Family Accommodation in Malacca, Malaysia.

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More posts are still to come

None of the hotels above gave us discounts in any way for recommending them .

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  2. You saved me hassle and confusion of searching for cheap accomodation in VN as I’ll be traveling solo. I’ve checked Mixok Inn and its within my budget! Thanks for good info!

  3. Sorry just one more question, was it comparable to other places you have stayed in South East Asia? Such as western style bathrooms, etc?
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    • All the guest houses we used in Laos were extremely good, higher standard than Thailand, much newer. These days squat toilets seem pretty rare, we didn’t see them at all outside public toilets in Malaysia and even then there was a choice of style. You don’t expect luxury at this end of the market, but Laos was particularly good.

  4. Hi, Can you please tell me more about Norasingh Guest House in Luang Prabang? Do you have any photos that you can share? They don’t seem to have a website so can’t find anything other than a telephone number.
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    • No Sophie sorry, other than it was very nice there. Most small guest houses won’t be on the internet at all, you just go door knocking until you find one you like. I share these places just to give people an idea of what they will find, at what price range. We very rarely book in advance and it’s never a problem. Luang Prabang is packed with guest houses, hundreds of them, you’ll be fine.

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