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Theme Parks, Zoos and Attractions

Theme parks zoos and attractions.

The best zoos and theme parks around the world. Reviews and recommendations from the many world attractions we’ve been able to visit, as a family with kids.

The British Museum With Kids

The British Museum with Kids

The British Museum is billed as a place to see the world without leaving London, and it’s true. The museum is a treasure house of amazing art and ancient artifacts spanning all of human history and every culture, housed in a visually spectacular and historic building in Bloomsbury, Central London. I’ve lost count of the …

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Visiting London Zoo Gorillas

Visiting London Zoo

A travel blogger friend asked me if I thought she should visit London Zoo on her trip to the UK. The short answer was yes, it’s awesome, but the long answer takes a bit more explaining. I’m an animal nut and a scientist, my degree is in zoology and I adore zoos. When the kids …

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Legoland Florida Review

Orlando is absolutely stuffed with theme parks and attractions, most people come for the big established players, Disney, Universal and Seaworld, but there are a lot of other theme parks in the Orlando area. Legoland Florida is a relatively new big name round here. We went to check it out for the first time yesterday …

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