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Our 12 month countdown to leaving home.

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My Biggest Travel Regrets

Many people will regretnot travelling. But does anyone actually regret travel? A group of travel bloggers look at their biggest travel regrets. “I regret travelling around the world; I wish I’d stayed home instead,” said no-one ever. Man Vs World I love that quote. So do I have any travel regrets? I don’t think I …

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Where are we going to go?

Well, who knows?  We’d like to see a few new places and, of course, we have favourite countries from our previous trips that we’d love to share with the children, to explore further, or just revisit. This RTW, With Children, Will Be Different. We’ll have to travel slowly, build in some quieter times to kick …

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Finding The Money to Travel.

We’ve been travelling full-time for over 4 years now, without a full-time traditional job between us and loving our new non-conventional life. Raising the money to travel was hard work initially, we weren’t rich, didn’t win the lottery and for the preceding 5 years we only had 1 income, my husband’s chef’s salary. I was …

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