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Alyson Long is a former medical scientist who jumped ship to chase dreams. She was Chief Biomedical Scientist at London's West Middlesex Hospital before starting in website creation and travel writing. She is now a full-time blogger and travel writer and owns several websites. World Travel Family is the biggest and was created in 2012.
A lifetime of wanderlust and over 6 years on the road, full-time, has given Alyson and the family some travel expert smarts to share with you on this site. World Travel Family travel blog covers over 50 countries, cultures, and cuisines, from the trekking routes of the high Himalayas to Ancient Egypt and beyond.
Read more about this family's travel story while getting ready and inspired to live your own and fearlessly visit the destinations you dream of.

Living With Port Douglas Crocodiles. Salties in Port.

Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas, was closed a while ago by a 4-meter saltwater crocodile. He didn’t do much, just swam along the beach about 20m from shore. A crowd gathered and watched, that’s about as exciting as the day got.  It made me think though, not many people have the experience of sharing their home with …

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